Wednesday, August 15

Easy Peasy Garlic Parmesan Knots

This recipe contains pre-made dough for biscuits, and Parmesan from the little green can. I'm taking lots of shortcuts lately. Normally I would be ashamed. Not today my friends, not today! These are so delicious warm from the oven, and they take 15 minutes or less to make!

I'm still on my comfort foods craving kick, and last night my mind was filled with the memory of big plates of my grandmothers spaghetti. I'm also still on a "this meal is not complete without crafty little sides" kick, so my mind next wandered to a post I saved for garlic knots. The mister loooves garlic. And I love when the mister loves his dinner!

Pair these with spaghetti, smothered in a thick meaty red sauce, as a side to a big hearty salad, as a crowd pleasing finger food for BBQs, or even a pretty alternative to buttered rolls with a seafood dish.