Wednesday, May 30

Whoops! Still here, still baking!

Just wanted to stop by and let everyone know I didn't start up and then go ka-put three posts later. Mister and I went on a trip up to visit my family in Connecticut, where he was accepted into Fairfield University! Joy! Fanfare! Applause! But really, I am extremely proud of him and can't wait to be back near my hometown.

I planned on baking some different apple cake and apple brownie recipes while I was there but it was unexpectedly busy so those will have to wait. I did, however, make my grandmothers super secret (only not really secret) delicious pumpkin pie the other day and will have that recipe up and posted for you soon.
Look at this, we've been in a blog relationship for under two weeks and you're already viewing the family recipe box (;

While you wait, here are some fantastic posts from some of my favorite blogs that I can't wait to try:

1. Pink Lemonade by US Masala. I think we can all agree summer is pretty much here, and this adorable icy treat looks like it would be perfect for a BBQ at the beach. I've never had pink lemonade but I really look forward to trying this recipe for when I'm next heading out to the coastline.

2. No Bake Strawberry Milk Cheesecake from SprinkleBakes. Anyone else see this recent post? Anyone else completely in love with how pink and sprinkle-y it is? Can't be just me. The no-bake part is my favorite. Second to the jimmies, of course.

3.Gumdrop Fish & Crab Cupcake Toppers from The Decorated Cookie. Oh sweet heavens, my nautical soul can't get enough of these.

4. Snow Cone Cupcakes by Bakerella. Oh the ever inventive Bakerella. I plan on trying these out for Fourth of July, and I have a feeling it will be glorious.

5. Daffodil Cake/Cupcake Tutorial from I Am Baker. She has a rose cake tutorial that is very well known for good reason, but I want to shed light on this recent gem because variety never hurts and it has it's own beautiful floral touch.

6. Cameo Cookies from LilaLoa. THESE ARE COOKIES, GUYS. COOKIES. This isn't an in depth how-to but she does explain how she went about it.

Hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful week! A new post should be up shortly.

Saturday, May 19

Rustic Irish Soda Bread

I have a really terrible track record with bread. Or, at least, if one previous experience the day after Christmas counts as a track record, then yes, it's terrible. I have a feeling it's my Achilles heel. It was the first thing I used my brand new KitchenAid for, which I ended up receiving two of. I talked Misters head off about it every time I mentioned baking - i.e. constantly - and my family knew it had been on my "wish list" for years. I ended up opening one from Mister on Christmas and the next one arrived a day later via FedEx from my insanely thoughtful family back home. Communication people. It saves money.

And as a side note let me take this one sided conversation as an opportunity to say I love my KitchenAid. My KitchenAid(s)? I would make shiny little candy apple red mixing babies with them if I could. The first thing I did after tearing the wrapping away was sit on the floor holding the box, crying tears of joy and clinging to it's arrival in my life. Sounds like I'm exaggerating but no, Im serious.

Pretty sure we cuddled in this position until sunrise.

So after taking the past half year to heal from that awful, awful, first bread experience I decided today was the day. Yes, it must have been a fluke! I followed the recipe to a t! Here's this great Tuesday with Dorie Irish Soda Bread with only four ingredients! Awesome! Let's go!

Friday, May 18

One Bowl Rocky Road Brownies

Oh what a good day it has been. What a fudgey, peanut buttery, sweet, sweet afternoon the Walter household has been indulging in. Normally I'm not a chocolate fan. I know, I know, I must be crazy! Outta this world, outta my mind! But really, plain chocolate just doesn't do it for me. Not plain chocolate bars, chocolate cake, chocolate cupcakes. I'll pass. Pair it with peanut butter though, that's a different story...

Good Morning Blueberry Bread

I had made this bread specifically meaning to blog about it. Then, you know, a month passed, and another month, aaaaand now it's been over a year. I am very motivated. But I digress, this bread is worth making. The texture is perfectly moist and doesn't crumble all over the place. The blueberries are plentiful but not over saturated and the sliced almonds (which were originally added to the batter instead of sprinkled on top) give the crust a nice crunch.